I am sorry for what i did…

“I am an intovert to anyone i meet up..lot of things run in my head that’ll steal the event..talk to everybody, make friends, be an entertainer but i end up sitting quietly in an corner and waiting for someone to talk to me so that i too can start talking..it isn’t the fact that i have a giant sized ego..but i myself can’t figure out as to what exactly pulls me back everytime. I can imagine the first impression people have about me and that surely is..such a quiet girl she is or is she mute..but if i really like a person in the first conversation..it means i’ll befriend them sooner or later and once we are friends i’ll go to any extent to protect and stay by their side..i care and love a way too much i guess..i sometimes do things without caring about myself nd then i start thinking and assuming that if i can do it others will do it too..but i don’t think i will ever understand    what place i behold in their life..or am i nobody to them..i think my biggest problem is i love too much..i care too much..and expect the same in return..and when i want them to love and care and they don’t..i get hurt and i say very mean and harsh words to them too..and this destroys everything..everything..and then i am back to being a lonely unhappy sad dejected depressed person..i know sometimes i like being alone..i isolate myself from people..and i’m not blaming anyone because i know its my own fault..but i really want them..just once, only once to truly care and ask what’s wrong..are you okay..is everything fine…but i think i can never be that person i dreamt of..i’ve always been unlucky in this matter..even in my school days..we were friends for about 5-6 years and till date i don’t know why we broke that friendship..one and only best friend..though we are connected on social sites but i really miss our friendship. Back in college too..i destroyed everything..i fought with one and lost all of them..i had an accident and none of them knew about it…none of them knew i was about to die..but it’s okay..results of my deeds..so i told you everything about me..I am sorry..I really am!!”

Thank you for reading!! Few words left unsaid can take devastating steps. Try to figure out the victim. Victim of depression. Keep your eyes and your ears open.
Let them know, we’re there to listen and to care!

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